Career Therapy

You know that what you’re doing isn’t working, yet you can’t find the groove where you thrive

You can’t go through life using the process of elimination to discover your pathway. It’s just not practical. Yet there’s astonishing value in reviewing those stumbles and not-quite-my-thing ventures. Glimmers from your highlights reel are also useful. We’ll harvest all of your background and distill the learning into a clear guide that identifies your personal ingredients for success.

By the time you and I work together,

You’ve probably gotten an advanced degree from the School of Hard Knocks, and you know what NOT to do.

Don’t Simply Leap into Newness

Eye-catching blog headlines that offer a Cinderella story look enticing, but they don’t win the practicality test.

Don’t Just Look at Career

Just like a fight with your romantic partner about socks on the floor isn’t only about the socks, career issues aren’t only about career.

Don’t Buy the Online Course

Raise your hand if you have unfinished online courses that you were sure would show you the way to relief. I certainly do. 

Don’t Walk this Path Alone

My favorite coaching instructor once told me, “Your mind is like a dangerous neighborhood. Don’t go in there alone.” That’s so true!

Change isn’t always about creating a clean slate

A radical internal shift can open us to trust both ourselves and others in new ways. Let’s look at the root of what’s keeping you stuck.


Imagine feeling so at home in your life that when others seem to disapprove of you, you’re unruffled. What would it be like to hear that you’re too emotional or too demanding and smile, knowing that you’re grounded so well that you can hear your impact and confidently pull apart what belongs to you and what belongs to others? That’s possible, I promise you.


What if you could see an open slot on your calendar and cheerfully go for a walk in the sunshine or sit in an easy chair and actually get lost in a book? Without guilt! Without pushing down an uneasiness that you’ll pay for your leisure later. Without a scolding inner critic reminding you of all that you should be doing? Instead, being in flow and fully embracing your experience.


You no longer need to put yourself out there and have that come back to haunt you. It’s entirely feasible to create meaningful personal and professional relationships that feel mutual, nourishing, and true (yes, even with your kids!). There’s a place where you no longer need to contort yourself to fit into others’ boxes – instead you can stand tall in knowing your own limits and your own fulfillment pathway.

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Like my coaching practice, my blog is eclectic and specific to my own School of Hard Knocks, triumphs, and growth edges. It’s a good way to get to know me.

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