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What happens when you come back from a week-long vacation to 500+ emails? You unsubscribe. Ruthlessly.

Here’s what didn’t get cut:

  • Career Contessa: Smart, well-written advice. My latest favorite post: How to Ask for a Raise (it includes a template).
  • Careershifters: Career change experts. Great ideas within a thriving community. It’s my dream to work with these folks when I grow up. I love their energy and their ideas are solid.
  • The Muse: Whenever I need quality content about any career-related topic, this is my go-to. I share their interview-prep guide more than any other resource.
  • Next Avenue: Insight for people 50+, some career-related. Recent favorite article: 2018 Influencers in Aging.
  • Career Thought Leaders: A curation hub for all things career-related. Plus the annual Career Industry Trends is a must-read for career professionals and anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry.
  • Ask a Manager: Real content from someone who’s been in the trenches in HR.
  • Introvert Dear: There’s a career section for this blog, but I don’t confine myself to that realm on this site – great ideas throughout.
  • Big Think: Keeping my finger on the pulse of emerging trends.
  • Matt Thomas’s New York Times Digest: Let’s face it. I’m too lazy to read the whole New York Times, and I really don’t need to because I get this semi-regular newsletter in my inbox that allows me to skim headlines for an eclectic mix of great articles.
  • Daniel Pink’s Pinkcast: Short (usually <2 minutes) videos that offer useful tidbits on topics such as giving feedback and quitting your job.

There you have it. Oh, wait! Bonus content: Nick Corcodilos has an Ask the Headhunter column that’s reliably full of great suggestions.


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