Whether you’re in a hurry (landing a job yesterday wouldn’t have been quick enough!), or you’re taking your time as you survey the landscape to find the right fit, there are some nuances to job searching that are worth discussing, including:

  • Determining your target industry, role, and companies: This step is critical because it focuses you as well as the people you turn to for help – most people underestimate the importance of this part, largely because it can be one of the most difficult dimensions of a job search – fear not, I’ve got you covered here if you’re lost.
  • Marketing materials: Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, professional bio – all of these documents represent you, but it can be difficult to articulate our accomplishments (how do you do that without bragging?)
  • Networking: I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds. Really. Even if you’re an introvert.
  • Interviewing: What to wear (it sounds like a petty detail, but it’s not), how to sell yourself without selling out, sounding arrogant, or squirming, how (and when) to bring up things that concern you – we can talk about all of that and more.
  • Salary Negotiation: Watch for this question to come up early in the process and get advice about how to deal with it so that you don’t inadvertently lowball, price yourself out of the market, or stumble with your response because it catches you off guard.

What else do you want to discuss? How to organize your time? Best websites to use to find job postings? Searching for remote work? Bring it on. I want to hear your questions. Know that if you subscribe to my email list, you’ll find handouts on all of these topics (and more on my Resources page).

Schedule time on my calendar for a free discovery session, and we’ll get down to business. I offer both ongoing career coaching and one-time deep dives into specific job search topics.

Take a look at my YouTube playlist called Job Search 101 to find some useful content about every dimension of your search. You’ll get a great base of content from the videos I created there, and if you want to schedule time on my calendar, we’ll use our session time on your specific questions since you’ll be able to review the YouTube videos at any time to get the foundational content.

When I rapidly, and somewhat unexpectedly, got an interview for my dream job I came to Maggie in a flurry of nerves.  After one session with her, I felt much more focused, confident, and prepared.  She helped me anticipate questions and frame my answers.  She knew exactly how to help me let me qualifications shine in a way that felt authentic to me. ~Career Coaching Client.

No matter what your specific situation is (you’ve got gaps on your resume, you’re concerned about age discrimination, you’re landing interviews but not offers), we can make progress and move you forward. Let’s talk.