It’s a sign for me that when I begin trolling job boards looking for a full-time, salaried position, that I’m on the brink of ascending to a new level in my business. That’s convoluted, right? Yes, it is. Here’s how it unfolds for me:

    • Fear has many faces. It’s not just a signal of a threat to security and safety. It can also show up because of unfamiliarity and new territory. Tara Mohr talks eloquently about this distinction between different types of fear (watch her short video below). The fear that surfaces when we’re facing something new, something that we covet, something that we’re pursuing wholeheartedly – that fear can present exactly like fight-flight-freeze, threat-to-safety fear, and so, if we’re not attuned to the differences in types of fear, we react in the same way: retreat!

  • I’ve grown to recognize this embodying-new-territory type of fear because I reflexively get into some type of behavior that has me bolting in the opposite direction of what I want for myself. So, I’ve taken to letting myself wander through job boards and sometimes even submit applications to positions, and then, I gently remind myself that it’s okay to be scared when I’m creating exactly what I want for myself. I haven’t traveled this path before, so of course, my energy dwindles, I get uncertain, my confidence wanes. It’s almost like having my highest self hold hands with my fearful, doubting self. “It’s okay,” I tell myself.

Have you ever noticed that self-sabotage shows up for you when you’re approaching something you deeply covet? It’s okay. No need to beat up on yourself for it. We all do it.


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