I might come across as a little too enthusiastic about the book Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. I’ll admit that it’s captivated me with its useful activities (such as the Good Times Journal, mind maps, and Odyssey Plans) and groundbreaking concepts (such as gravity problems, anchor problems, and dysfunctional beliefs/reframes). I consider the book a modern-day version of the classic What Color is Your Parachute, and I’ve jumped in with both feet to apply the book’s concepts and help clients use it to create the next chapter of their lives. To read more of my gushing praise, take a look at this blog post that I did about the book right after I discovered it.

You can DIY the book, for sure. In fact, if you check out the Facebook Group for the book, there are often posts from people looking to team up with others to go through the book. Dive in and have fun with the content. It’s accessible and easy to follow.

If you’d like to have some guidance, structure, and accountability to get through the book and really apply it to your life, let me know, and we’ll talk about both individual and group options.