100 Days to Career Clarity

Day 2 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Let’s inject some visioning into this process.

Walk me through your ideal day. Seriously, from the time you get up (what time? where are you? who are you with?) to the details of how you spend your time and with whom. All the way until the moment you rest your head on the pillow.

When I’m working with clients on developing a career direction, they’re often surprised at how much we talk about nonwork topics.

Here’s the thing: we can’t put work in a box and isolate it from the rest of our lives. That’s actually why I love working with people in the career realm – it’s a doorway to the essence of who people are at their core.

Give yourself permission to wander in all parts of your life as we go through this process of reflecting on your next career chapter. Bring your whole self to this process.

My ideal day includes a sunrise paddle, which points to a high desire to live somewhere near water and a flexible work schedule. Photo by my friend Stacey.

Keep sending me your responses! I love reading them.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

  1. Walk me through your ideal day. what time do you get up? where are you? who are you with? – to the details of how you spend your time and with whom. All the way until the moment you rest your head on the pillow.

    This makes me take a deep relaxing breath and smile just thinking about it !

    I wake up when i’m ready- I slept well without waking up a bunch of times during the sleep (could be night or day- I work night shift and don’t mind that so much). So it’s about 8:30 am- the sun is shining, the temperature is moderate- enough to wear shorts and sandals- I go outside and breathe deeply- smell the herbs in the garden – then I dress casually for work- and get there maybe 9:30-10. I picture my self at Hope for Bereaved- a local home grown agency that provides counseling for individuals and groups- as well as lots of office planning to make all this happen at no charge. So i’d be there do counsel folks – maybe 5-6 clients- and help out in the office – lunch with the gang. I’d do this maybe 2 days a week on average. Give some presentations at schools, other groups, or help with trainings other days. This would be volunteer if I possibly could-

    Other days I’d get my butt to the Y to work on my upper body strength- with a personal trainer(stop just thinking it and DO IT) and ENJOY it and not put roadblocks up to keep me from it.

    I’d go to lunch at fav Indian food restaurant w/ my BFF – and we’d do some errands together- Home mid afternoon- relax a while- read or TV-

    I’d teach swim lessons for a while- say 10 AM – 1 or 2PM – That’s something I recently got certified to do and have been shadowing others til I feel comfortable on my own-

    I’d get strong enough to do 30 min of laps –

    And one of these days – live close enough to go to the beach to sun, read, water color, nap and swim – collect shells- and not get a sunburn

    My hubs and I would cook out on the grill- relax, and watch a movie and go to bed whenever we want to — and I’d sleep all night thru without waking up a bunch of times —

    So interesting to me is that once I got into writing this I don’t have anything in here about my full time job – which I’ve been doing since 1998 (there have been a lot of changes and growth, but have same position) — so I think i’m SO ready to not have to work —

    I’ll end here –I’ll be off my shift in another hour tonight (it’s 1AM, I have a weird 1PM to 2 AM shift), and I do believe i’ll sleep well feeling peaceful and relaxed –

    Thank you !

  2. I wake up at 6 a.m. Jump in the shower first thing to wake up, and get dressed. By that time, my wife and son are waking up. While I prep a sack lunch for my son, and make coffee in the french press, my wife cooks up her usual “big protein” breakfast. We sit down together and have breakfast. Then my wife leaves to drop my son off at school. This routine makes me feel productive and ready to challenge the day.

    I bike into work, which is less than 3 miles away. If I time it just right, I get there a few minutes before anyone else. I like being there first thing so I can greet my co-workers as they arrive. We attend to our own things for the first half hour, then gather in a room with casual seating. Sipping coffee, the team talks about their goals for the day, together and individually. This takes about half an hour, then we disperse to accomplish those goals.

    My work goals involve a mix of working with other people to solve problems, create things, or provide leadership; and taking solitary time for myself to develop my skills and create or further develop my own projects. My work is a mix of technical projects, communication, and writing.

    At lunch time, I take a short walk to clear my mind, then sit down with someone (a friend, a small group of co-workers, or my wife who drops in) to eat for about half an hour. After lunch, I’ll check in with people around me, then sit down for the last hour or two of my work day to hammer out some serious productive work. I will end my work day around mid-afternoon, feeling fulfilled at the day’s accomplishments.

    I’ll then ride my bike to my son’s school, so we can ride or walk home together. At home, I’ll check in with my wife to see how her day has gone, and we’ll run errands (physically or virtually, together or separately as need and mood dictate). We’ll make dinner and all have dinner together, then separate to do our own thing. I’ll retreat to my computer desk or pull out my laptop in the common area, and do a bit of work remotely. If the workload is light, I’ll spend some time on a personal writing project. I’ll save some time in the late evening hours for reading.

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