Maggie is one of the best writers I know, and as a social media expert, I’ve worked with many people with varying skill levels. She can capture branding, personality, and superpowers with just a few clicks of her mouse and keystrokes on her keyboard. She knows LinkedIn inside and out, and she’ll easily optimize for keywords, point people exactly where they need to go for strategy, and point out hidden tricks for finding their way in no time.

Karen Yankovich
Social Media Marketing Consultant, UpLevel Media

Working with Maggie has been like someone tossing a stone into a still pond of water. The ripples radiate outward and and instead of diminishing grow with momentum. She has the unique ability to challenge your thinking or long held thoughts and opinions that are preventing you from moving forward and becoming your more authentic self, or pursuing your unique calling. She knows how to draw you out through excellent listening skills and the use of perceptive and engaging questions, but also knows when to move from the planning stage to taking action. I enjoyed our interactions and found her experience and insights very helpful. The ripple effect of my interactions with her continue to this day. If you give Maggie a chance, you will be a different person as a result and if my experience is any indication of what yours could be, a different person that you will be happier with! I am thankful to have found Maggie.

Joe Sarr

Maggie Graham was an exceptional coach!

Career coaching client

I’m sure I looked like a ‘deer in the headlights’ during our first meeting, but she patiently guided me along my job search search journey. This was a requirement given the fact that this ‘environment’ had changed so much over the past two decades since I had last engaged in this type of endeavor.

Career coaching client

Making the decision to change careers has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. It has required me to commit fully to seeing, accepting and shifting the stories in my life and to then, bravely challenge them. In the process, I have come to know, understand and love myself from a deeper space than I ever knew possible. Because this process requires complete vulnerability, I was unable to take this leap of faith on my own. Instead, I needed the compassionate support and encouragement of someone who could and would willingly guide me. For me, Maggie has been that person. Through conversation and counseling sessions, Maggie created a sanctuary in which I could explore my authentic truth: my innate personality, values and beliefs. Working with her has been instrumental in my ability to step into the life I have always wanted.

Career coaching client

Maggie was agile in all aspects of what a mid-career changer might need to address, from more concrete steps of how to learn about new careers to less tangibles such as challenging stuck beliefs and rebuilding new ones. She draws from a deep-toolbox of many helpful exercises, readings, and masters of this work, and her own brilliant interpersonal wisdom and abilities to understand others and help them draw out new strengths and their own self-knowledge.

Career coaching client

Through my work with Maggie Graham, I was able to make powerful discoveries about myself and then apply them to the process of finding a new career. Maggie has a wonderful ability to guide you toward self discovery and instill a sense of purpose and inspiration as you pursue a career change. Thanks to my time with Maggie, I was able to immediately recognize a great opportunity and understand exactly why it would be a great fit for me.

Chris Gallagher