Self-Help Junkies

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I’m a card-carrying member of this fine club. At the slightest invitation, I gush about my favorite podcasts, writers, and vloggers. One of my favorite cartoons (#10 at this link) shows someone admiring the book selections on the bookshelf of a person she just met and thinking, “I secretly know we are going to be […]

I’m Starting a Social Media Fast

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My 20-year-old decided to erase all of his social media accounts. It took him days because he was determined to remove the tags that linked him to photos that other people (okay, mostly me) had posted. I admired his commitment to his principles (“Facebook isn’t going to make money on my data!”), his discipline (don’t […]

Manifestos Galore!

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I’m a big Brene Brown fan, and I’ve downloaded some of her manifestos from her website. (Grab your copies here!) Then, one of my mentors offered a course in writing manifestos. I patted myself on the back for resisting enrolling in yet another online class, but I caught the bug when several friends and colleagues […]