Career Exploration

If you dread going into work, yet you can’t find a viable escape route, you’ve come to the right place.

Taking stock of your current situation and shifting direction involves much more than a few online assessments. And forget passion. I’ve got a dispute with the whole “find your passion” arm of the career world. According to social science research, passion serves as a viable steering mechanism for only 20% of Americans. That means 80% of us are scratching our heads in bewilderment when the topic of passion enters the conversation.

It’s so easy to spin on the hamster wheel in your head and get lost about what’s resonating for you and what’s dragging you down. Introverts are notorious for being great thinkers, but sometimes we get too locked into our own heads and we lose sight of some key parts of ourselves.

I work with clients both individually and in groups to map what’s next for them. We take a deep dive into how they got to this spot, who they are at their core, and what’s the best expression of them in the world. Many of my clients describe the work we do together as holistic and therapeutic – we’re going beyond surface-level, quick-fix approaches into sustainable, deeply nourishing work that aligns with who you are at your core.

I know, gathering introverts is the ultimate irony (I thought about using “The Ultimate Irony” as the title of a group!), but there’s remarkable synergy in gathering with like-minded people, in being with people who understand that small talk makes us grind our teeth, that we often have our best insights ten minutes after a conversation, and that we leap for joy when last-minute cancellations cross our radar.

Here are the mechanisms that I use when I work with people on career exploration:

Individual Sessions

I divide our work into three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Who are you at your best: What makes you come alive and what shuts you down? We use activities such as an ideal day guided visualization, descriptions of your highlights and lowpoints (both personally and professionally), expectations from your parents and other ideas you adopted early in your life, and beliefs around money. This phase tends to take ~6 hourlong sessions.
  • Phase 2: What’s the confluence between you at your best and the market: This phase is built around the Odyssey Plans and prototyping content outlined an extraordinary book called Designing Your Life. It’s very difficult to predict how long this phase will last. I’ve seen things crystalize very quickly in just a handful of sessions, and for others, it can take up to 10 sessions.
  • Phase 3: Commit and create: Three possible routes here: 1) If you decide to go back to graduate school or take a bootcamp or other professional development series, we may work together on your application, but you may just go off and pursue what you’ve decided to commit to. 2) If this phase has you in a job search, I offer support in tactics around resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, and other dimensions of a job search. I have a YouTube playlist with >25 videos that cover the basic content around a job search, so our sessions will be devoted exclusively to your situation and the areas where you want input. 3) If you decide to start a business, I step out of the picture in this phase since I’m not a business development coach. I know enough to guide you through the beginning parts of the process, but you’ll likely want someone skilled in business development for this phase.

Group Sessions

This affordable route actually may turn out to be just you and me talking at the same time each week – getting a bunch of people’s schedules to mesh can be rough. For group sessions, I use a book called Designing Your Life that includes amazing activities and concepts that allow us to identify blocks and construct pathways to work that’s fulfilling AND sustainable for you