Changes + Survey About 100 Days to Career Clarity

This project has turned out to be bigger than I anticipated.

Which is good. Like careening down a water slide faster than you anticipated. That kind of good.

Rule Changes

My goal is to hear from as many of you as possible, so I’d like to shift the rules to make it more do-able for people who are racing to keep up as well as those who join later in the process.

  • In order to get a free session with me at the end of this project, send me responses to at least 25 of the questions. Yes, this is dramatically different from what I said in the beginning, and I’m getting feedback that it’s too much to keep up with. For some people, it seems cathartic and useful to respond daily, so keep doing that! And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, respond when you set aside time for yourself, when you are compelled to respond, or when you’re prompted by whatever force works for you.
  • If you responded to the bonus question that was included in the first auto-responder (I’ve since removed it as a bonus question — it’s still there as an example question) that still counts as responding to 10 questions for early sign-ups — gotta reward those of you who’ve been in on it from the beginning!
  • I’d like you to respond to at least 2 of the check-in surveys that I send during the project (first one is below) and tell me everything about your experience that you think would help me adjust this year’s experience, create content for the book, and distill info for next year if I run the project again. Plus, I just want any other insight that seems helpful.
  • You can send responses and surveys to me at any time between now and December 31, so even though I said your response had to be sent within 7 days of the question being posted, that’s not true anymore — just doesn’t seem realistic. Plus, people keep hopping on board, and if you want to go back and respond to the earlier questions (there is a reason for the order), this gives you the freedom to do it.
  • We’re still on the honor system — I’m not tracking anything. That’s up to you. At the end of the project, I’ll send out a link to my calendar, and you’ll schedule yourself.


Here’s What I’m Noticing

I love hearing from you!

  • People are opening their hearts and minds and souls and I cannot express how honored I am to hear from you
  • Golly, you are great writers!
  • I’d like to write you back every time you send me something, particularly when you share something vulnerable. And at the same time, I’m swimming upstream here and I haven’t read everything that everyone’s sent. I still want you to keep writing and sending your answers. I’ll read it all before we meet to review your responses.

I’ve been wrestling with WordPress, and most of the times, I think I’ve won. I’ve still working through technical glitches, and I’ve now discovered my next career: social media expert! Not.

#career #100DaystoCareerClarity #sledgehammertocomputer
Can you guess my fantasy for taking care of my WordPress kinks?

Now for the Survey

I’d like to know what it’s going for you. Whether you’re writing to me with your responses or not, would you take a few minutes with this quick 6-question survey?

Day 9 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Describe in 8 words or less your current career. After writing the short description, say what’s working for you in your current gig and what isn’t.

#career #100DaystoCareerClarity #ADDsquirrel!
Career ADD. Bright shiny object? I’m on it.

Day 8 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Finally, a question that needs no intro:

What do you know now that you wish you’d known 10 years ago?

#career #100DaystoCareerClarity #scaringmyselfI wish I’d learned 10 years ago that being in discomfort (not panic, but in a stretch beyond my comfort zone) is a sign that I’m heading in a positive direction. If I’m not doing something that scares me just a little bit, I’m stagnant, and like pond water with algae, that starts to stink after a little while. This photo is from the summer of 2011 when I spent 8 weeks as a behavioral coach at a weight loss camp — huge stretch and great growth for me!

Day 7 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Let’s get right to today’s question:

What, if anything, could your parents or caregivers not abide when it came to your intended career? You could have a different answer for each parent.

This question comes from Rick Jarow, a holistic career coach. He created that audio The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide, which is produced by Sounds True (this isn’t an affiliate link – not that’s there anything wrong with affiliate links, but I wanted to be clear that I’m not profiting by any of your click-throughs on this blog – you’ll see why I have this disclaimer later in this post).

Why delving into family history is important with career work

Rick says,

If you want to open to your fullest sense of destiny, you cannot skip over your family history…One of the ways we move into our sense of purpose, not the only way by any means, is by understanding the immediate environment you grew out of, what needs to be finished, what the major influences were, and where you fit in or not.

In his audio, Rick includes a meditation called The Dinner Table Meditation. He asks people to imagine that they’re sitting at their childhood dinner table. Go to the time when you were in elementary school or whatever age occurs to you. Picture in your mind’s eye: you sitting there with all of the people who are usually there, plus those who influenced you even if they didn’t eat at your dinner table very often. People are eating, arguing, whatever they were usually doing, and somehow – by you interrupting, by someone asking you – you express what you want to do as a career when you grow up.

Rick guides listeners through imagining different career titles. For example, you say, “When I grow up, I’m going to be…

  • an astronaut
  • an artist
  • a homemaker
  • a firefighter
  • President of the United States
  • a banker
  • a video game programmer

You get the idea. See if you can find something that triggers the people at the table. Look for the jaw dropped in horror.

What’s the big deal, you ask. There are always exceptions, and most people either rebel or comply to family expectations. Are you the rebel or the conformist? Either way, you’re reacting, and once you identify which camp you’re in, you can get busy on discovering your inner cues.

My response to today’s question

#career #100DaystoCareerClarity #hippiedad
My dad, who died in 1992.

I suspect my dad would have been horrified if I said, “I’m going to be an investment banker and make buckets of money!” Hence, my compulsion to make a big, giant point that I’m not getting affiliate kickbacks through my links on this blog. If he’d lived long enough to know what affiliate links were, he’d seriously disapprove of them.

I’m not going to guess about my mom’s answer to today’s question because she’s following along on this blog – we’ll have that conversation offline. My sis is on my mailing list, too. I’m super curious about what both my mom and my sis have to say about this question.

#career #100DaystoCareerClarity #earthmother
Here’s my mom, who really is an Earth Mother as her 40 year old sweatshirt proclaims. Yes, I’m holding up a Polaroid in the picture. And I’m wearing my cowgirl outfit.

Alice, my grandmother was a schoolteacher, also ultra conservative and pretty rigid in her expectations. She probably would have pursed her lips in disapproval if I said anything besides teacher, nurse, or stay-at-home mother.

#career #100DaystoCareerClarity #disapprovinggranny
I couldn’t resist scanning this photo when I went looking for pics of my mom and dad. This is Alice, my dad’s mom.

Day 6 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

We all lie to ourselves.

Sometimes we make ourselves small to soften our impact in the world. We think maybe the world isn’t ready for our full power.

Sometimes, the pendulum swings to the other end of the spectrum, and entitlement makes an appearance. We figure we’ve worked hard and the world owes us. (BTW, it’s almost always true that we’re working hard, our energy is simply misapplied.)

There’s massive territory in between these two ends of the spectrum that I haven’t mentioned yet:

  • maybe you lie about what matters most to you
  • maybe you tell yourself that you have to play a specific role in your family
  • perhaps you have some ideas about your age and how it impacts your career.


Today’s question looks at patterns:

When it comes to your work, how do you lie to yourself and others in your life?

#career #100DaystoCareerClarity
One of the ways I lie to myself is by going after additional training and yes entire degrees that I don’t really need. #credentialgremlin

Day 5 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

I notice that I’m hesitant to bring up the topic of money.

#career #100DaystoCareerClarity #moneygremlins
Money is the elephant in the room of career exploration. It’s such an easy excuse for why we don’t act, and it’s true. And there are almost always deeper layers. Ask yourself, “What if my barrier wasn’t about money? What’s underneath the money mask?”

There are 8 categories for topics that we cover together over the 100 days that we focus on your next career move, and money and underlying beliefs are likely to bring up the most triggers and insight.

So, put on your seat belt. Here we go:

What is your current financial situation and how does it impact your career?

Please answer this question from 2 angles:

  • The literal, fact-based approach that any outside observer would endorse as true
  • The layer underneath money – ask yourself, “What’s also true about where I am with money and my career? If I viewed money as a lens to what’s really going on in my career right now, what would I see behind it?”