Hey, I’m turning 50 this month, and I’m in major celebratory mode. I’d like to do something to recognize the people I’ve worked with, so I’m offering a free coaching session to each of my past and current clients during 2016. Basically, you qualify if you’ve ever paid me money for coaching and/or resume and LinkedIn services.

How do you celebrate you?So that I don’t get overwhelmed, I’m asking people to wait until the first day of the month of their birth month before scheduling, and then get on my calendar during that month. I’ll take the first 3 people for each month.

Click on this link to schedule your session.

If you’re local to Fort Collins and you’d like to meet in-person, go ahead and select a time slot for “Fort Collins, CO Office.” If you’re confused about that, it’s okay to select any time slot, but make sure it’s on a Monday or Tuesday for an in-person session and please specify that in the notes, since I only use the office on those days of the week.

I’m looking forward to catching up with you!

PS-If you’re sailing along, but you don’t want this offer to pass you by, you can gift it to someone else in your life. The only hitch is that it’s still attached to YOUR birthday month.