Whether you’re lost about your career direction, want support with your current role, or you’re in an active job search, you’re in the right place.

An affirming identity, introversion is incredible and powerful when it stems from a strengths-based stance.

The heart of success. Integrating EQ skills is a game changer! If you’re stuck, here’s your ticket to finding your way.

I specialize in career and introversion, and I’ve also developed expertise in some niche areas that may be compelling to you.

My professional identity and powerful impact don’t fit into a tidy category.

I bet the same is true for you.

You know the stuckness that you’re experiencing? The things that are tough for you articulate or even say out loud? Bring it. 

While I specialize in the realm of career coaching, it’s impossible to slide a pie wedge out of the circle of your life and call it “career.” I’m done with that approach. Bring your whole self. Sharp edges and all.

Japanese Zen stone garden - relaxation, meditation, simplicity and balance concept - panorama of pebbles and raked sand tranquil calm scene
Portrait of career coach Maggie Graham

I used to define myself by other people’s labels and measures. Not anymore.

I’m a work therapist. A badass coach. Queen Woo Woo. LinkedIn ninja. Recovering helicopter parent. Introvert career whisperer. Quiet leader. Homebody. Precrastinator. Emotion detective. 

Fledgling meditator. Soulful guide. Nia enthusiast. Workplace trauma recovery specialist. Designing Your Life devotee. Cohouser. Social media dropout. Anti-racist. Shameless fangirl.

Podcast junkie. Questionologist. Tara Brach, Glennon Doyle, Liz Gilbert groupie. Namedropper. Overinvested educator. Anxious traveler. Crone. Grammarly evangelist. Truth teller.

Posts from my blog

Like my coaching practice, my blog is eclectic and specific to my own School of Hard Knocks, triumphs, and growth edges. It’s a good way to get to know me.

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I’m a card-carrying member of this fine club. At the slightest invitation, I gush about my favorite podcasts, writers, and vloggers. One of my favorite cartoons (#10 at this link) shows someone admiring the book selections on the bookshelf of a person she just met and […]
In February of 2019, I stepped into a seemingly parallel universe. I didn’t see it coming, I was on a pathway heading in an entirely different direction, but then I decided to make a radical shift because I saw another version of myself through a crack […]